Annapurna Base Camp Trek Map

The shortest base camp trek takes about seven days .And the most popular takes you on a journey of 11 days. You might find small altercations in package you choose according to your travel agencies but the main route shall be the same. 

Annapurna Base Camp trek  [11 days]

Your inspiring trek to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) will begin after about one and half hour drive to Nayapul from Pokhara .You will then set of for a 6 hour long trek to Ulleri from Nayapul.The journey will lead you through the famous Nayapul Bridge, rocky trails to the beautiful village of Ulleri.

The next morning from Ulleri you will trek to Ghorepani (2870m/ 9416ft), the trek shall be about 5 hrs. You will be amidst tall trees and rare birds that will excite the hell out of you during your trip.

Early in next morning you will hike to Poonhill (3210m/10532ft for a short journey about 1 and half hour.Poon hill is one of the best viewpoint of Nepal to enjoy the best view of the massive Annapurna range and Dhaulagiri mountain .After a good lunch in Poon hill you will head towards to Tadapani (2540m/8332ft).The total trek for this day will be about 7 hours long.

The very next day from Tadapani to you will be walking through rhododendron bushes to reach to the beautiful valley, Chhomrong(2170m/ 7120ft). The journey will be about 4-5 hours long today.

Same as the Day before you will walking a downhill trail from Chhomrong to Bamboo (2310m/7579ft).The village is popularly known as Bamboo village as it is surrounded by dense bamboos.

Next morning you will trek to Deurali (3230m/ 10597ft).The journey today will be around 5 hours. 

Today shall be the major highlight of your trip as Trek ascend to Annapurna Base Camp(4130m/13550ft) from Deurali . This is the same place where we will land on our Annapurna Helicopter Tour Though the journey will be around 5 hours long, the mesmerizing  astonishing views of Mt. Hiuchhuli, Annapurna ranges, and Mt. Machhapuchchhre from the base camp will make up to everything.

From this day onwards you will begin our journey back, you will be descending to Bamboo (2310m/7579ft).The journey will be around 6 hrs long.

Next day we will Trek from Bamboo to Jhinudanda(1760m/5775ft).

The last day of your Annapurna Base Camp, will demand you to Trek from Jhinudanda to Nayapul(1070m/3510ft) .From there our representative will pick you up for a one and half hour of drive to Pokhara, your trek will end officially today.

You can now move on according to your planned schedule.

We will provide you transportation to drop you at the airport if you need too.

Route Map of Annapurna Base Camp [11 days]

Day 01: Drive from Pokhara to Nayapul (one and half hour drive) and trek to Ulleri (2070m/6791ft) (5 hrs. of trek)

Day 02: Ulleri to Ghorepani(2870m/ 9416ft) (5 hours of trek)

Day 03: Poonhill(3210m/10532ft)  (2 hours of Trek) -Tadapani(2540m/8332ft) (5 hour of trek)

Day 04: Tadapani to Chhomrong(2170m/ 7120ft) (5 hours of trekking)

Day 05: Chhomrong to Bamboo(2310m/7579ft)(4-5 hours of trek)

Day 06: Bamboo to Deurali (3230m/ 10597ft)(5 hour of trek)

 Day 07: Deurali to Annapurna Base Camp(4130m/13550ft)( around 5 hours of trek)

Day 8: ABC to Bamboo (2310m/7579ft)(around 6 hours of trek)

Day 9: Bamboo to Jhinudanda(1760m/5775ft)(5hours of trek) 

Day 10: Jhinudanda to Nayapul(1070m/3510ft) (5 hours trek) and a drive to Pokhara(823m/2700ft) (one and half hour of drive) 

Day 11: Pokhara to Kathmandu (1350m/4429ft) 

Annapurna Base Camp trek [7 days]

The shorter trek to Annapurna Base Camp provides you the same excitement and thrill as the trek of 11 days .But you won’t be able to spend as much time with Mother Nature.

Same as the first , you will drive from Pokhara to Nayapul for a journey of one and half hour and trek but instaead of ulleri you will trek  to  Ghandruk.

You will be trekking through many villages until you reach your ultimate destination,the Annapurna Base Camp.

Same as the 11 day trek, you will witness yourself being surrounded by nature. You will catch glimpses of many rare birds and floras including rhododherdons.

Route Map of Annapurna Base Camp [11 days]

Day 01: Pokhara to Nayapul (one and half hour of drive) and trek to  Ghandruk (around 5 hours of trek)

Day 02: Ghandruk  to Sinuwa (around 6 hours of trek)

Day 03: Sinuwa  to Bamboo to  Deurali (around 6 hours walk)

Day 04: Deurali to Annapurna Base Camp (around 5 hours of trek)

Day 05: Annapurna Base Camp to Bamboo (around 6 hours of trek)

Day 06: Bamboo to Kyumi (around 6 hours of trek)

Day 07: Kyumi to Siwai (around 4 hours of trek ) and drive to  Pokhara 

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